Some hotos from last week...
My lovely cat is feeling cold every second because his fur is a fiction of breeder, so there is no need to ask him under the blanket, if somebody go to bed it rushes also.

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We had two sunny days and I skied for couple hours. Wonderfully healthy activity. Music is bouncing in the head, trees are passing by on speed, thousands lights of snow brilliants are piercing fresh air around.

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The sign of the coming of the train between the forest can make someone laugh, but the real train line was built five kilometers from this place during WW2 to transport the woods to warm up the cold capital during winters.

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For Russians...
The theme is the sixteen years old girl or better her father is trying to earn one million Rubles with the false accusation of twenty one years old guy, two else before - their parents had maybe paid the money equal to a flat to him to get away. So the theme is not new, all this was blooming in the nineties when people were extremely poor, the interesting here is how seventeen years old to the moment girl is behaving, she is cute, cold-blooded, confident to break a life of guy or whole family. So, do the speed 0,5 and have fun. My wife is going crazy right now with laugh...

interesting article...

prophecies translated from our Russian film...
For the matter of fun... the text is not finished yet...

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here are the photos from my last walk.
I wanted to walk up the river where it is going through the city but got very surprised to find out that the river is not covered with an ice even when it is the fourteen degrees below the zero around and minus twenty five at night...

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my week food...
For the matter of doing something I decided to leave here some food I had made. it is not big dealand just simple everyday stuf.

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Blambliaa I am thinking I am a Gary Porter, I can do everything... mr brain is so woLde.. ) don't look at me sober guys, just say "I say high... yeahhh.. "

Thanks Obma!
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My congratulations!
I've just heard wonderful new president of USA speach, it is great... I don't want to add "again" cause I hope Trump will do what he is preaching.


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