Little photos from my site.
Finished concrete formwork 60 cm above ground. Many time had been spending on knitting reinforcement for future slab.

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little photos from bd party.
We have presented father a new BBQ. Ordered it at Moscow private small company for around 300 $ but didn’t get it right to a father’s bd cause the man told us he has got a collapse of the roof from the snow weight , so we had got it cheaper but after some days and have started to test it immediately – turned out that everything is working well – the frying, smoking – all is cooking as on the old one which has rotten to death or to ground. Though what I wanted to mention here is that during the bd party of my sister’s husband the guys had decided to cook meat so started making charcoal while the weather was very windy and as I was rushing on bicycle from my site to party overcoming the rain and wind the charcoal has got from new BBQ to the mother loved alpine slide and a huge fire has started immediately. The guys was so astonished with the view and everything was developing so quickly that everything they did is sprinkled burning slide with car’s fire extinguisher and pour it with bucket where two brother’s turtle were resting – every two had survived to near ditch where their destiny has became been unknown after the near site owner has died and a new one has buried the ditch.

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Photos from April.
With wife and friend we have drove to Serpuhov at April to see how the Oka river has spilled.


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Last week I drove three hundreds kilometers to near region where I had spent a lot of time at my childhood summer vacations to take my grandmother and aunt which had come recently from the Aunt city thousands of kilometers away to solve some questions and get back after visiting my father’s birthday. I’ve forgot to take my camera to make some photos of the grandmother’s city though I’ve got an opportunity to come back after to have more time for this mission.
Anyway, I was forced to make the photos of my father’s birthday and here they are.
My father is seventy years old now and he is active and strong as ever! We had not many visitors – only relatives at this event while before the father’s birthdays had fifty – more guests.

Children were enjoying driving the different electric cars while adults were setting the table.


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Slav in Australia...

Normal people...

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Некоторое время назад я поймала себя на том, что разлюбила бывать в мельбурнском центре: езжу туда только по делам, а гулять там совсем не хочется. Зато более дикие уголки города открываются с новых сторон. Почти каждые выходные мы плаваем на байдарке, и меня это всё больше увлекает. Сделали небольшой фильм про наши мини-путешествия. Почти всё снято непосредственно в городской черте, в том числе колония летучих лисиц. Всё-таки удивительная тут природа!

Kayaking from streamflow on Vimeo.

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I have wathed the video Russian guys were making in Los Angeles about homeless. It gives many thoughts about the human's nature to digest.

Yesterday, I had showed my son the video about concentration camp or death camp "Obóz Koncentracyjny Auschwitz" after he has told me he doen't know what it is - the Russians witnesses were telling how it was to get through it. Son has fled fast and wife was watching little to say she will have difficulty to sleep after. We had with wife a discussion how different people could behive some are dying to make something good while masses do what they are told to save their lives. Seventy years ago it was and how much our world has changed since - I think little...

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Have just read in our Russian news - "The priest opened the secret of the Holy Fire at Jerusalem and quarreled with a colleague" the Russian comments below is one big anekdot.
I've heard that there is the Christian tradition there that when this Holy Fire will not come down at a time then Devil or Antichrist is in the Church, so now I am thinking is this creature already there at the moment?

New York!
Have find a neutral video to watch while doing my gymnastics this morning it was a video of New York, my wife was passing by and has got caught to the beautifulness of the city. Yes, it is beautiful and I am wonder about the work, love, talents of people putting their efforts into the city. After wife has got little sad about I had showed her some videos of Detroit and told her some stuff I know about the USA - it seems had worked... Anyway New York is wonderful piece of man's work - people are so aimlessly peaceful walking around that it is absolutely impossible to not want magically be transferred there even for a day to heard the sounds, to feel the rhythm, to speak to people...

The sun is getting warmer...
... and some of our dwellers are happily catching every bit of it.




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