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Google threatens to withdraw search engine from Australia

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Going down in a land down under, where Google lies and men thunder!

Those bastards, they killed Kennedy!
Fook Google, I concur !!
Google is evil
that includes gootube
and the CIA they rode in on
DARPA my ass, funded by we the people
to control 'we the people'
willingly submitting
all our secrets
Ironic, isn't it?
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*Google accused of misinformation in Australia now
-US regulators have been looking into the big tech companies
-Google has run ads in its browsers in Australia advocating its case
-Australia is the home of the New World Order underground secret facility
-controlling your every thought and belief
Yep, it's getting real

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Two for today : It's easy to applaud our heroes when they are dead...

"It's easy to applaud Martin Luther King Jr when he is dead, when he exists as a legend and you don't have to meet any of his imperfections and controversies. If you want to know if you would have supported King back in his day, don't look at King. Look at whether or not you support Julian Assange."

"I see socialist groups get behind this or that mainstream liberal agenda like "Hey we can ride the momentum of this to socialist revolution!" No you can't you sweet precious lamb. You're swimming with sharks. They'll take everything you put in and then let you have nothing."

~ Caitlin Johnstone ~ Your Sigh Of Relief Is Grounded In Delusion: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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Two weeks ago I have got tired of BBC r1 English and our different like Megapolice Russian modern radio satation'ss music feeling that all songs or samples are reminding itself again and again with not having some new vibes and iformations recorded in by musicians, so I have tried the country American music radio stations and it has got incredibly entertaining. I has felt as if I am plunged into the country America while doing my ordinal doings which are not differ, I supouse, from the ordinary country side Americans doings...

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Minus twenty abord but my futuristic house doesn't think to give up and happily smoking with last rotten firewood...


Today I have at last changed the front two summer wheels on the winter couple and paid 10$ for repairing gasoline chain saw, which I want to believe will let me easily have endless amounts of firewoods. It will be a week of minus twenty at European Russia and after comparably summer period of plus one temperatures. So, I am planning to drive the firewoods for a next week and after when it gets warmer to change all is possible at my car's front undercarriage cause it seems all is broken there and sounds like an orchestra. And after... I will start to build something at my basement, if we will not have minus thirty or something alike...

is possible at my car


"He did make a good speech a little earlier, that condemned the vandalism and violence."

Yes, I know and nobody between USA elites is interesting what Trump was/is doing in reality but what he was/is not, yes this sounds strange but read or listen any information about Trump - 1% of some facts and floods of lie and shit right from very well paid journalist’s and dems mouths about his connections with Putin, with Russia and again, no evidences... all is possibly to take away anybody, anything which could draw the USA back to independence and freedom of speech. New owners of USA are not interesting in any working instruments when these instruments are working for common people and logically following benefits for USA as a national country against globalist lobby which needs USA only as a printer of more dollars to the moment they all turn into a garbage making millions of common Americans poorer and again when rich bastards real owners of USA will turn before all their actives into electronic currencies...