Миролюбивые викинги, завоевание Скандинавии Русью и как делали «Александра Невского»

1. Сенсационное историческое открытие недавно сделано немецко-шведскими учёными: оказывается, средневековые скандинавы (6-12 века) были гораздо более миролюбивыми, чем принято думать. Учёные подсчитали количество проломленных черепов у скелетов из разных стран (за указанный период). Выяснилось, что реже всего ломали черепа в Прибалтике, Скандинавии и Британии (от 0 до 2% черепных травм), а больше всего – в Румынии (14%) и на Украине (12%):

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Have watched the Russian video about the new for me country - Guinea Bissau and its capital – Bissau… Very interesting evidence which is telling more than anything what was at this country when Portuguese were ruling in it and what has this paradise land has become after decades of aboriginal authority – all what was built was destroyed, pictures are like the post apocalypse has dropped on this place, like in old Soviet cartoon where after the nuclear war, thousands of years later the nature and black Africans are taking place and peacefully living eating coconuts and bananas…

I couldn't imagine what Japanese would do at such place after decades if they would controle something like this...

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Nazi Hunter: ‘We Want to Bring Them to Justice’

Nazi hunter Steven Rambam talks about what motivates him :

The Nazi Hunter: Capturing the Architect of the Holocaust

Another Nazi hunter true-crime story of how secret agent Zvi Aharoni hunted down one of the highest-ranking
Nazi war criminals on the run in Argentina in 1960.

The truth is that many Nazis escaped and are still active and engineering the global totalitarian agenda today.

See also Klaus Schwab – Fourth Reich : https://pigshitpoet.livejournal.com/5798380.html

What do you think? Comment below..

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These are Your New Masters

Welcome to the New World Order, Human Birds! – Here is Your Friday Afternoon Matinee

These are your new masters... Apes, just like you. Jungle Money!

Allow me to paint you the real picture..

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JP Sears has been removed from Farcebook : But you can still view him on Gootube..

Global Reset Agenda 2030, "You will own nothing and be happy about it!" – Schwab


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