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Photos from our South city – Rostov na Donu.
Actually I wasn’t at Rostov itself but at its suburbs where my mother’s line relatives are living and where I had spent a lot of time at my childhood. I had no desire to make any cause the event forcing me to go there was not inspiring for make anything. Anyway a day after I was so surprised to see how everything is changing fast there that I did some photos.

At my nephew house. The nephew is just a word of course cause he is older me on one year and have his business and two sons.

Everything on a table was very tasty, we had drunk several bottles of Cognac and several 1,5 liter bottles of beer which they are buying for their food shops at other city where water is magically clean and actually the beer was unbelievably tasty and I can say that all expensive beer at Moscow region in comparison is useless...


This is a standard South backyard as I remember them from my childhood. While my parents were sending me to Rostov at my childhood I always wondered why life is so beautiful there with sun, endless warmth, fruits, marvelous smells. We had nothing like this at Moscow region at my childhood. Now Everybody could have a house and a land of soil to grow something but thirty years ago it was very difficult to buy a site, a car not to say to buy something else - people were standing in queue for decades to buy small flat and simple car... and at our South people were living much more free and wealthy - I don't know why.


Old things I've noticed at my other nephew house...

His grandfather's telephone.



And radio...


The street where my aunt was living. It hasn't changed much from the time I was a child here several times at summers, while I was living at uncle’s house. The memories how I was visiting my aunt are still very bright – she was a copy of my mother but much more kind and soft and I still remember some pictures from my nine years old age at her house and how we with nephew were walking to a nearby river. The aunt had died several years ago… My mother has a big family – I remember two sisters and three brothers – all successful people which were making themselves by their own hands.


Could you belive it that somebody was living here for decades...?


Or here...


Now all is changing so fast around that it is impossible to find a crashed stone road, the big new houses are growing as mushrooms...


Soon it will disappear, taking out all the stories of people living in it...


Here my aunt was living, I barely remember her husband - he was very big man... incredible strong and brave and even that Rostov had a very high criminal activity, all criminals was afraid to say him a word. He could come to market any time and sell whatever he liked and any price he liked. My father has told me many interesting stories about him. I remember how I was visiting them at a house but now I couldn't come in... After aunt has died the house was sold to some Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine after the conflict. It is good that I had made many photos of this place before.


A sreet...


The way to river as I remember it... though the reeds were much higher or I was much smaller... ;)


The bridge didn't change at all and new children are playing on it...


The river. All the rivers around had previously a strong specific smell before and I was thinking that it is normal for this region with very fertile soils - six meters of chernozem… though turned out it is not true cause I have not felt no smell this time, my nephew has told me that all the rivers were cleaned from ooze and have now clean sand on their bottoms...



Here we have come to a local beach where there is the rest bar with tables-cabins. The notes on every cabin is "Dock №1 and so on", I was wondered at a time if it is for men to not forget where they are sitting in while drinking... ;)


My younger nephew. He has called me recently telling they are going to Moscow soon and will visit us.


He was living at Siberia before but deicided to flee this cold, he is feeling a stressful hotness now it is forty at a shade and plus after our day before revelry but anyway is telling he likes it here.


Clean and shiny...


When we were sitting at my other nephew’s house a day before his friend had told us that yesterday his friend has caught on this exactly beach a fish of fifteen kilos and has showed us the photos on his phone, these places always had many tasty fishes and I was fishing a lot with my uncle here and there...


The end... my camera battery has died...

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