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Today I got up late at nine or something and drove to my site at eleven when my father has called me to translate his new contract which I had promised to translate for three days already, so I drove back to his firm to help father remembering that my brother had asked me to help him too yesterday and drove him to a future party place with a lot of necessary equipment. Yesterday I had told him that I will be working at my site all day long cause I have only two warm rainless days to finish floor and I will be busy but after I had helped father to translate his one million contract (I am joking of course) I have found no argument not to help my bro too. I have taken a camera with me to make some new photos of my site work and instead I started to make photos of the environment around while I was waiting for them for two hours while they were collecting their things.

Here is a snack bar my father's friend is making for a week. He is at his sixties and it is very difficult to find a proper work at this age, so he decided to make his own business - to sell shaurma near a road. He is telling that his business will earn him one- three thousand dollars.


All construction made from metal, plywood and mineral fiber as a insulation.



Everybody around are waiting to see what it will be on a finish, when this new point will be working, will or not his business be successful.


Here the father's car is full with stuff necessary for parting for several days when it is plus ten at nights.


Autumn is near though we have surprising twenty five degrees during a day yet.



The opposite house has found his owner at last and workers are making it livable for last three weeks.


I've drove guys to a place where I wasn’t before. It is located near the long loved by me Tarusa district which is very authentic and picturesque with nature, opened fields, river and agricultural views, though the new place turned out to be not near the Oka river as usual but at a bank of a small lake full with fishermen. Guys decided to choose it cause they were afraid their laud music will disturb the resting people around and especially greedy police. And I was surprised to see that this small lake is so popular.
So, we had come to a place at six o’clock at the evening and looking around I had took some pictures cause the place was charming without no doubts.




Unloading of the first new commers, it is up to fifty - more people to come this evening...



Wild apple tree.


The fields around.





The near farm is well working - all the fields around are planted or harvested.



Heavily covered with dust father's car, I've washed it after or my father was looking like a cowboy driving it. ;)



Sanctions have breathed a new energy in our agriculture lately cause it was not that profitably to produce food at Russia before them, which is strange of course to take in account that we have all - fuel and endless lands and people...


After I got back I hadn't drove to work at site and instead I’ve cooked some food, was playing on a computer, made some posts at LJ thinking about tomorrow tense day and afraid that tomorrow my wife will ask me to drive her to a party and one else day will be spend for nothing... ;)

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