maadmike (maadmike) wrote,

Ukraine... again...

I’ve just watched our Russian political program where guests are discussing the situation at Ukraine. I do not know to believe it or not but there are the protests at Ukraine again, the closed roads, the military machines and Special Forces ordered to calm the people down… What is the reason of such indignation of Ukrainian society – the reason is the plane with Ukrainians evacuated from China – citizens of Ukraine are afraid that authorities will not be able to control the epidemic. Yes, of course the citizens of Ukraine which are living inside a total corruption, bribery, stealing of government money and hence poverty of all the social institutes have arguments to be sure that authorities have no instruments to fight against such new disease – they couldn’t handle the morbilli epidemic and are preparing country for selling all the soil to foreigners but anyway it looks so wild, when Ukrainians are standing against their own citizens which have being just saved in difficult situation.
Tags: neighbor, people, relations, ukraine
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