June 15th, 2019

The day before yesterday

... I had set a gas stove at my bunker and now I have an opportunity to cook there. It – the stove has cost me 10$ cause nearly everything I had found around. So, I bought only gas reducer and chokes but this simple doings had took half a day and I’ve decided to have a little walk around. So, called my friend and we marched around fourteen kilometers for four hours I think. What has surprised me very much is that I have no recognition of the places I like very much – many Soviet agricultural fields turned to forests and it was sometime difficult to understand where we are. Anyway the day was brilliant – sun was bright and grass was green. On our way back we saw a roe deer. It was waiting for us to get twenty meters close to him then started jumping as if we wanna shot him. ))  Yes, it is not surprising for me that the deers are walking so close to my city – one kilometer – I see the trees they are nibbling, what surprised me is that it has let us so close.

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Yesterday was the usual day with one exception.
In the morning I drove to my site with strong intention to water my dying blackcurrant bushes which have got yellow leaves and are not looking good which is not surprising to take in account that we had no proper rains for couple of months. So, I have took three barrel and got to river to fill them, so I did this work twice and it took me two hours. Plus, my neighbor has surprised me to pour my one extra two hundred barrel also. So, watering the bushes and tobacco sprouts I started to dig the stones out of my well when I had remember that I was promising to bring the lime to my mother – she is complaining that her soil has got very acid, so I had got out of my well four fifty kilograms bags of lime to my mother as well when it started to rain. I did not believe that we will have a proper rain cause for two months the meteorologists were telling the rains are here guys and no rains we’ve got. I was resting at my basement drinking tea and eating fried chicken with rise listening music in headphones when strange sound has got my attention – it was the sound of fallen water and it was fast rising. I got up on my feet to see what is happening – the light has got out, all around has got white from incredible amount of water falling from the skies. After two minutes of this white storm I’ve seen a waterfall coming down to my basement and after and after five minutes my basement was full of water. Full my water collecting system has got full and all the basement started looks like it is a basin. I even decided to make a video to record this tremendous sound of water falling but I don’t know how to share it. I’ve got up from basement to see if the water is coming down to my well but no, no water at all – the soil has got so dry for last two months that it has consumed all water and it seems was asking for more. )) Now, I am watching forecaster and again no rains for a week, I think I will have time to cover the roof and finished the well.

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I've just understood why we saw a roe deer one kilometer from my apartment house. When we had crossed an upper creek it looked like it is an asphalt track - it has been long dry, this means that there is no water in the forest while and where we saw a con deer there is a creek which always full cause it feeds with coming out of my city waters, plus the used water from cottages around the city going there also. The water is pretty clear in this creek cause it comes through the Soviet cleaning station, which consists from control center and two big basins which are full with water weeds and diffetent animals.
And it clear now why deer has got us so close - there was simply no way for him to run...
I like so much meet animals that if it depends on me I would forbid to shoot'em in Moscow region. I think if you are a hunter you could drive to some wild regions where there is not much destroyed eco sisyem and it has chances to recovet but in Miscow region the population is so dense that animals have no chance to live around and if we want to see them we certainly have to protect them.
And instead people behave as if they are only owners - and so, we don't have no fish, no animals, no wild berries, it is very sad...