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It is interesting for me how this modern case of protests in USA is similar to our Russian 1917 revolution, when the intelligent Russian people were telling this and that and openly or secretly were sympathizing to revolution, thinking that something has to be changed... to better. I could assume they were told that we - Russians will see the paradise if afford to destroy our regime... but in reality Russians had got nothing positive at all - more stromng regime, wars, dictatorship, absence of common law...
So, my opinion that if you want to make something good it will never emerged with bad things like stealing, beating, destroying. All violation if law do only one thing - multiplying the violation of law...
Yes, USA has a long history of racism - indigenous fellas massacre, exploitation of Africans, explotation of all tge countries after through the multiple wars and orange revolutiins, yes, yes and yes but anybody between Americans are talking about it?
No, nobody care about racism at all... all cates about their life and thier problems like... level of living, free medicine, good salary, free education and nobody want to work for that purposes, to work hard and cheap, day agter day... Of course it is much more easy to go and take crying out loud how people earning things you want are racist, sexists, stupid bunch if idiots not worth to have the privileges they have...
There are people as between whites as between blacks which are willing to get things for free, to force others to work for them, yes I dare to say that capitalism is not a system pretending to any equation and anybody in USA are speaking about that? Speaking about working together day after day for lawful changes in all the problematic spheres?
Instead whay I see is a standart fight between American elite... when democratic governors are not acting fast and strong to stop the violation of law to throw a shade on nowadays authorities before the nrw election. The problem here that they could lose the grip on masses... This the miain problem here because when it will be too late all will pay for their stupidity...
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